If it works for a 3-year-old…

No More Tantrums

When your children are bewitched by an item in the store, you have two options: buy it or suffer the tantrum.  Now you have a third option: save it in their own personal wish list!  Just scan the UPC code and touch their name and the item will be added to their list.

Teach deferred gratification, gratitude, and good financial habits with bWISHd.

When you put an item on their list instead of buying it immediately, you are training your children the value of waiting to receive.  You are teaching them about saving money and responsible spending.

And they will be all the more thankful for the gifts they receive on special occasions.

Happy side effect: you save money AND cut down on the clutter of unwanted toys!

At just 99 cents with no ads and nobody tracking what you are adding to those wish lists, you’ve got nothing to lose.  Give it a shot!

Gifting Made Easy


Keep track of great gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list.  When the next gift-giving occasion rolls around, you’ll know exactly what to get!

Have you ever found the perfect gift for someone, but the next gift-giving occasion is months away?  Do you buy it now and risk forgetting it in the back of a closet, or walk away and hope you remember what it was in a few months?

Now you have a third choice: save it to their list, with bWISHd!


Private and Ad-Free

Created by Parents for Parents

This app does not have ads nor does it collect the information you put into it.  bWISHd is ad-free wish-listing with privacy.

Want to support the app and/or request new features?  Email us at momsaysllc@gmail.com

**Only available on iTunes for now – android version in the works**



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