An App Created by a Mom?

bWISHd wish list gift registry app smartphone iphone

How many apps do you know of that were created by a mom?

When I created this app, I went about it like a mom — I thought of what app features I liked/disliked, and what features my users would benefit from.

That’s why bWISHd is FREE of banner ads, pop-up ads, spam emails, and tracking bots.

Ever shop online for an item only to see ads for it begin to pop up across your social media accounts? So creepy, right? That will not happen when you use bWISHd.

bWISHd is stored locally on your phone, so the information you put into it never leaves your phone (unless you manually share it, I suppose.) When you input your kids’ names and birthdays, no advertisers will get access to that info.

When you scan a barcode and put items on a wish list, no advertisers will see what you are adding.

Because bWISHd was created by a mom, and moms take care of people.

Private. Ad-free. Simple to use for children up to grandparents.

bWISHd is wish listing made simple!